About Polly Carlson Voiles

I am an author/illustrator, a nature lover, a wilderness lover, a wife and mother, a book lover,   a retired teacher…  as least those are some of the things I do; who can say what a person “is.”  My dream is to have my books in libraries everywhere where children, parents, grandparents and teachers will use them to pursue and deepen a love for the remaining wilderness and the natural world.

I have built upon those  values  in my second book Summer of the Wolves was  released by Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt on May 5th, 2012.  (which would have been my belated mother’s 100th birthday!)   It is a novel written for ages 10 and older, a story about a young girl whose encounter with wolves in the northern woods leads her unexpectedly to surprising discoveries about herself.  I have provided a readers’ discussion guide to help readers share their thoughts about the issues in the book.

Those values also compelled me to write and illustrate Someone Walks By, The Wonders of Winter Wildlife published by Raven Productions, Inc. That is also why I put an extensive curriculum guide on the publisher’s website at www.ravenwords.com.  We know that children who spend time in nature and those involved with the arts also do better academically, so lets let others know, too!

I would love to continue to connect with others involved in the creation of art and writing for children.  I admire and respect each person doing what they can to learn about and share the beauty of the natural world.  It is the natural world we must preserve, since it is the natural world we all depend upon.  There is so much to learn.  I hope we  can be  resources for each other.